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Life's been gooooood to meeee So haven't updated since I didn't get… - Meredith Anne-Marie [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[May. 15th, 2007|11:50 am]
Life's been gooooood to meeee

So haven't updated since I didn't get into Urinetown
Life went on, obviously. Um. Yeah. So prom was sweet. The morning of I was supposed to work from 8-10 just to get through the busy rush of people in the morning...WELL I ended up working until 1...and had to be at dan's house at 3....and my hair was gross and not done at all....so I started getting really angry and a little upset at like 12 becuase I wnated to leave so bad, but more and more people kept coming in and being annoying. so at like 12:30 I started crying and then my "boss" found out it was my prom and let me go home. and it was a beautiful thing

my handsome prom date was beyond perfect and he's my favorite. we had a BLAST and we were pretty much the best dancer's there...hands down...plus we looked FABULOUS (www.picturetrail.com/princessmeredith2) check it out. we're beautiful people.

I slept over dan's after prom and then we went out for breakfast and then drove around kennebunk and practiced paralell parking because his LISENCE test is coming up hahah...and then I left at like 3...and we had spent 24 hours together..and it was sweet.

School is definitley mellowing down with only a few weeks left. I hardly have any homework, I have 3 more worksheets to do in art history which I am not too worried about, if I decide to acually start working in class again it will not be a big deal. I don't have homework in any of my other classes, which is nice.

Ummm...I had my callback for Cinderella last night...they didnt' have me read for cinderella at first so I was all mad..and they had me read for "Portia" whos one of the step sisters...and I played it like the DITZIEST blonde airhead in the world and they LOVED it and now I want that part really bad because its a lot more fun then cinderella, so hopefully I get that

the only thing is that if I do the show, I apparently can't go to camp? or I can't be assigned to a cabin or something? I don't know, thats kind of sad...I don't know what to do...but I didn't REALLY want to go to camp this year anyway...but it would be a sweet end of the summer/no work thing...ahh what to do. I really want that part.

thats probably about it.
I miss a lot of people and I want to hang out with everybody soon

oh I might go on project graduation...more people are going then I thought...it could be pretty SWEET