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Don't EVER challenge me or dave to the questions game, we're AMAZING… - Meredith Anne-Marie [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Feb. 14th, 2007|08:19 pm]
Don't EVER challenge me or dave to the questions game, we're AMAZING at it.

here's proof:

ModernRomance6: i thought we wereplaying the questions game and I was really excited
DodgeDevil360: hot dang! I didnt even notice
DodgeDevil360: omg
DodgeDevil360: do you feel as bad about it as I do?
ModernRomance6: how bad do you feel?
DodgeDevil360: what can I compare my feelings to?
ModernRomance6: do you have any ideas?
DodgeDevil360: Hhaha, when have I ever had ideas?
ModernRomance6: do you really want me to answer that?
DodgeDevil360: do birds fly?
ModernRomance6: are you high?
DodgeDevil360: do yuo want me to be baby?
ModernRomance6: do you think I'm crazy?!
DodgeDevil360: that depneds, do you think Im a boy or a girl?
ModernRomance6: why do you ask?
DodgeDevil360: you dont think I care about how you feel?
ModernRomance6: do you?
DodgeDevil360: omg, do you know how much your questions piss me off?
ModernRomance6: how much?
DodgeDevil360: do you think you can handle the answer?
ModernRomance6: do YOU think I can handle the answer?
DodgeDevil360: You see yourself as man enough to handle it???
ModernRomance6: you think I'm a man?!?!
DodgeDevil360: you think your a girl???
ModernRomance6: do you know you're a huge asshole?
DodgeDevil360: Do you realize how bad and sorry I feel?
ModernRomance6: how bad and sorry do you feel?
DodgeDevil360: do you know how sorry a mother is when she shoves her only child off a cliff?
ModernRomance6: does that really happen?!
DodgeDevil360: come on, do you really think Im telling the truth?
ModernRomance6: do you ever tell the truth?
DodgeDevil360: have you ever known how much i've wanted to tell you the truth? DO YOU???
ModernRomance6: how do you expect me to answer that?
DodgeDevil360: how do you expect me to ask good questions when all I can hear is Dan's guitar playing??
ModernRomance6: is he writing me a song?
DodgeDevil360: would you understand if I told you: yes?
ModernRomance6: is he still mad at me?
DodgeDevil360: Would you believe me if I said he never was?
ModernRomance6: could you handle my happiness if thats true?
DodgeDevil360: what kind of person do you take me for?
ModernRomance6: Who are you trying to be?
DodgeDevil360: do you think Im trying to be a girl or something?
DodgeDevil360: do you even know my gender?
ModernRomance6: aren't you a girl?
DodgeDevil360: arent you a JERK???
ModernRomance6: do you think I'm a jerk!?
DodgeDevil360: do you think Im crazy? Do you realize thats not what I really think?
ModernRomance6: do you honestly think that i can understand what your trying to say?
DodgeDevil360: Did you forget that Dan's guitar is blaring in my ear? How do you exepect me to think straight?
ModernRomance6: Why don't you tell him to stop?
ModernRomance6: is he in your room?
DodgeDevil360: Do you think im telling the truth?
ModernRomance6: are you telling the truth?
DodgeDevil360: do you think the sound of grass growing is loud?
ModernRomance6: is it even possible to hear grass growing?
DodgeDevil360: is it possible to hear dan from where i am?
ModernRomance6: is grass a metaphore for Dan?
DodgeDevil360: does talking in question start to annoy you?
ModernRomance6: yes.

[User Picture]From: cutiecam17
2007-02-15 09:53 pm (UTC)
hahha im so impressed.
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