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(no subject) [Jul. 8th, 2007|12:59 pm]
Hello Livejournal
I haven't talked to you in awhile!
It's July, Summer is here. I'm not hating work at the bagel shop, I'm enjoying work at my dad's office, I adore my glorious boyfriend, I am constantly forgetting that I'm in a show right now.......but should probably learn my lines.....I'm wishing I was going to camp even though I thought it wasn't a big deal that I wasn't...after learning that the shirts this year are tie dye I want to go even more. I love being up at the lake this year, it's very relaxing and splendid. It's strange to think that I graduated high school, but things haven't changed much. I'm not excited at all for college, at this point I don't even want to think about it, I'm not anxious or nervous I just don't want to go. Maybe I'll be more excited when I get my room mate, if that ever happens. BAH!
I'm done I think...thats been my summer so far, it's been nice. I have no complaints, it's wonderful.
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(no subject) [May. 15th, 2007|11:50 am]
Life's been gooooood to meeee

So haven't updated since I didn't get into Urinetown
Life went on, obviously. Um. Yeah. So prom was sweet. The morning of I was supposed to work from 8-10 just to get through the busy rush of people in the morning...WELL I ended up working until 1...and had to be at dan's house at 3....and my hair was gross and not done at all....so I started getting really angry and a little upset at like 12 becuase I wnated to leave so bad, but more and more people kept coming in and being annoying. so at like 12:30 I started crying and then my "boss" found out it was my prom and let me go home. and it was a beautiful thing

my handsome prom date was beyond perfect and he's my favorite. we had a BLAST and we were pretty much the best dancer's there...hands down...plus we looked FABULOUS (www.picturetrail.com/princessmeredith2) check it out. we're beautiful people.

I slept over dan's after prom and then we went out for breakfast and then drove around kennebunk and practiced paralell parking because his LISENCE test is coming up hahah...and then I left at like 3...and we had spent 24 hours together..and it was sweet.

School is definitley mellowing down with only a few weeks left. I hardly have any homework, I have 3 more worksheets to do in art history which I am not too worried about, if I decide to acually start working in class again it will not be a big deal. I don't have homework in any of my other classes, which is nice.

Ummm...I had my callback for Cinderella last night...they didnt' have me read for cinderella at first so I was all mad..and they had me read for "Portia" whos one of the step sisters...and I played it like the DITZIEST blonde airhead in the world and they LOVED it and now I want that part really bad because its a lot more fun then cinderella, so hopefully I get that

the only thing is that if I do the show, I apparently can't go to camp? or I can't be assigned to a cabin or something? I don't know, thats kind of sad...I don't know what to do...but I didn't REALLY want to go to camp this year anyway...but it would be a sweet end of the summer/no work thing...ahh what to do. I really want that part.

thats probably about it.
I miss a lot of people and I want to hang out with everybody soon

oh I might go on project graduation...more people are going then I thought...it could be pretty SWEET

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(no subject) [May. 6th, 2007|01:39 pm]
I am hurt about not getting into Urinetown
I am crying, a lot
I am an emotional wreck
I am glad I'm not majoring in theater
I'm not sure what to do with my life
I don't want to go to college
I don't want things to change
I am not doing my final exam like I promised my mom I would
I am angry with myself for not doing well enough to get that part
I am pissed that I'll have to be in cinderella now
I am angry
I am crying
I am upset
I am very upset.
I am angry that I let myself get my hopes up
I wish I was more talented
I wish I could get the parts I wanted
I wish I didn't let myself get excited
I don't want to be a counselor at camp
I'm not going to
I dont' care enough
I hate a lot right now
I don't know what to do to make myself feel better
I hate feeling this way
I hate knowing I'm going to be depressed for a week
I hate hating things
I hate everything.
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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2007|10:38 pm]
This will make no sence to anybody, I'm just putting them in here for reference for me and dave.

Meredith and Dave's rules for friendly music memorizing contest:
1. Songs must be an acceptable length,
2. The right hand has to move around,
3. Performer has to use two hands (or else it's a baby song).
4. Mistakes are allowed
BONUS for singing.
double BONUS for GOOD singing
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(no subject) [Apr. 18th, 2007|08:58 am]
Welll I'm off to Western Mass to visit family and godmother's and such until tomorrow...then Me and Ma are off to Plymouth and then...after touring and chatting....I have to make my college decision.

I'm not going to Ithaca, it's way too expensive and too far away. It would have been sweet, but I wasn't looking forward to driving there just to VISIT, so...I probably wouldn't be excited to drive there for school. Ah I hope I made the right decision.

Plymouth or USM. It's down to that.

AHHH. college is gross.
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(no subject) [Mar. 31st, 2007|10:50 pm]
What a lovely life I'm having lately.
A wonderful boy named Dan is in my life
We like to take walks in the woods
and get lost
and fall in puddles
and get our shoes soaking wet
and then play the questions game
for hours
and then drive around
and take naps
and be crazy
and its amazing

This is the first time in awhile I haven't known exactly what I'm doing in the summer like...way ahead of time... I want to audition for Urinetown at Biddeford City Theater but I can't flippin' find the audition dates. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be waitressing at North Berwick Bagles like every morning of my life, I jsut have to go talk to them about jobs. I also might do ushering/box office work at Ogunquit Playhouse. I also might be ensemble in something at hackmatack? and maybe doing Cinderella at bell center, which would be sweet.

I got into Ithaca yesterday. definitley didn't think that would happen. Now I have some serious college choices to make...starting with going and visiting Ithaca...which is 8 hours away, score! I feel really good and smart for getting in there, because it was my "reach" school haha...My parents said I couldn't go because it's too expensive, but...I don't know. Maybe I just want to go because it's more exciting to say "I'm going to Ithaca!" then "I'm going to USM"I don't know, I obviously have a very large pros and cons list to make

I got my prom dress. It's really pretty.

okay. bye.
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(no subject) [Mar. 13th, 2007|08:52 pm]
My life is boring
but I wrote a pretty cool Sonnet today
ABout playing the piano
which I don't do
but I wish i did.
Here it is!

Hands lay softly on the black and white keys
Strings inside hover anxiously, they wait
Fear enters my fingertips, what a tease
A chord springs out at once, a jump of fate
My breath is harsh as I soar through the notes
Feet moving up and down to catch the time
Sound frolics over a musical moat
At this moment, everything is mine
Far off noise I do not hear, there is none
Music dances about iwht no known end
String after string of melody undone
The keys leap up, they gracefully ascend
The sound stops all at once, too suddnely
It's done, but I long for it endlessly

I wrote it for a class, I do'nt just sit around writing sonnets all the time
just for clarification

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(no subject) [Feb. 25th, 2007|03:43 pm]
Well vacation is almost over, which pretty much sucks
I had a very relaxing vacation, I didn't do much at all...which is good becuase soon I start double rehearsals...score.

Lets see if I did anything interesting...........The first couple days were very boring and involved cleaning my room and hanging out with my mom a lot, I went shopping a bunch...got a new back pack which is SUPER cute. I hung out with Cameron which neeeeeeded to happen and got a tour of UNH and durham is adorable and I love it. I saw Seussical and thought it was really cute, I liked it. I saw Sweet Charity with Lauren and Kenny last night and I thought it was okay, VERY long. I don't know what it is with Kenny but anytime I'm around him my IQ goes down like 597302 points and I just say the stupidest things. Hilarious, but stupid. OH and he decided to get in his car, lock it and drive away on this really sketchy block across form the theater, so i had to chase his car for AWHILE, and he finally let me get in..and he turned the corner and there was this wicked sketchy guy standing there. AH! And the guy at the dunkin' donuts drive up couldn't speak english, and we couldn't stop laughing...for no reason really.

La Mancha starts next sunday, I'm pretty excited to meet the cast although emily told me last night that the director touches actors innappropratley??? Uhhh? I'm starting to think thats why the show is 18 and up.

The musical review is.......special and not doing much at the moment...we'll see how it goes.

I guess thats it, it really wasn't that exciting, but I'm well rested which is good.
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(no subject) [Feb. 22nd, 2007|09:30 pm]
holy SHIT was that ever a phone call.
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(no subject) [Feb. 14th, 2007|08:19 pm]
Don't EVER challenge me or dave to the questions game, we're AMAZING at it.

here's proof:

ModernRomance6: i thought we wereplaying the questions game and I was really excited
DodgeDevil360: hot dang! I didnt even notice
DodgeDevil360: omg
DodgeDevil360: do you feel as bad about it as I do?
ModernRomance6: how bad do you feel?
DodgeDevil360: what can I compare my feelings to?
ModernRomance6: do you have any ideas?
DodgeDevil360: Hhaha, when have I ever had ideas?
ModernRomance6: do you really want me to answer that?
DodgeDevil360: do birds fly?
ModernRomance6: are you high?
DodgeDevil360: do yuo want me to be baby?
ModernRomance6: do you think I'm crazy?!
DodgeDevil360: that depneds, do you think Im a boy or a girl?
ModernRomance6: why do you ask?
DodgeDevil360: you dont think I care about how you feel?
ModernRomance6: do you?
DodgeDevil360: omg, do you know how much your questions piss me off?
ModernRomance6: how much?
DodgeDevil360: do you think you can handle the answer?
ModernRomance6: do YOU think I can handle the answer?
DodgeDevil360: You see yourself as man enough to handle it???
ModernRomance6: you think I'm a man?!?!
DodgeDevil360: you think your a girl???
ModernRomance6: do you know you're a huge asshole?
DodgeDevil360: Do you realize how bad and sorry I feel?
ModernRomance6: how bad and sorry do you feel?
DodgeDevil360: do you know how sorry a mother is when she shoves her only child off a cliff?
ModernRomance6: does that really happen?!
DodgeDevil360: come on, do you really think Im telling the truth?
ModernRomance6: do you ever tell the truth?
DodgeDevil360: have you ever known how much i've wanted to tell you the truth? DO YOU???
ModernRomance6: how do you expect me to answer that?
DodgeDevil360: how do you expect me to ask good questions when all I can hear is Dan's guitar playing??
ModernRomance6: is he writing me a song?
DodgeDevil360: would you understand if I told you: yes?
ModernRomance6: is he still mad at me?
DodgeDevil360: Would you believe me if I said he never was?
ModernRomance6: could you handle my happiness if thats true?
DodgeDevil360: what kind of person do you take me for?
ModernRomance6: Who are you trying to be?
DodgeDevil360: do you think Im trying to be a girl or something?
DodgeDevil360: do you even know my gender?
ModernRomance6: aren't you a girl?
DodgeDevil360: arent you a JERK???
ModernRomance6: do you think I'm a jerk!?
DodgeDevil360: do you think Im crazy? Do you realize thats not what I really think?
ModernRomance6: do you honestly think that i can understand what your trying to say?
DodgeDevil360: Did you forget that Dan's guitar is blaring in my ear? How do you exepect me to think straight?
ModernRomance6: Why don't you tell him to stop?
ModernRomance6: is he in your room?
DodgeDevil360: Do you think im telling the truth?
ModernRomance6: are you telling the truth?
DodgeDevil360: do you think the sound of grass growing is loud?
ModernRomance6: is it even possible to hear grass growing?
DodgeDevil360: is it possible to hear dan from where i am?
ModernRomance6: is grass a metaphore for Dan?
DodgeDevil360: does talking in question start to annoy you?
ModernRomance6: yes.
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